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Great for pointing to direction of your bed :) and of course while playing games on your desktop too :) overall this little thing is great works as a charm, I hope they make it rotate from left to right like a stand fan it would be nice feature too in the future.

I keep this by my wonders for my night time hot flashes! I freeze the filter which makes the air even colder. No complaints from me!

 Also instead of adding water only to the tank add crushed ice. This gets it really cold and you actually would think its AC if it were bigger. I will always add crushed ice it's best way to do it in my opinion. You can also add some essential oil to filter heads if you want added bonus of great calming smell

What it will do it make a hot room feel more comfortable when your in it by giving you a cool breeze. I use it for my bedroom, blowing directly onto me, to keep me comfortable while sleeping. 

Love this little air cooler !!!! I live in an area prone to hurricanes, power outages & HOT weather...this personal air cooler is AWESOME !!!! It works plugged in as well as on its rechargeable battery.

I have an outdoor shed that I use as a playhouse for my kid. It's in the direct sunlight and it gets really hot in there in the summer. I bought this and honestly didn't expect much considering the small size and low cost. It worked beyond my expectations. My kid also loves it as it has the led lights and color sequencing. It does a good job on cooling down the little space and I don't have to spend more money on something bigger!

 I have bought for when the power goes out. Make sure you charge it as soon as you get it and charge it Every month or so to keep the battery charged. Soak the filter in I’ve cold water and fill the reservoir with the extra ice water and you will get 54-64 F it will fluctuate there is no constant temp it’s colder in the beginning because the filter just came out of the ice water. Over all these are a life saver to keep my little one cool in a power outage the battery lasts quite a bit on lowest setting but I also have battery back ups to give me extra time